• New Air Brush Set

    09/06/2015 at 20:18 0 comments

    So today I picked up my first air brush set, now for the fun journey of learning a completely new discipline. I cant wait to use this in projects, I intend to learn how to mix spray paints, air brushing and hand brushing oil paints onto models in order to create the illusions of them being made from various metals and other materials. Given that I move out of my house in a week, I dont think I'll get to play around much with it until around christmas time.

  • Nuked OS

    08/06/2015 at 16:06 0 comments

    So windows 10 released not so long ago, 4 laptops in the house, my parents got the first update smooth sailing, I cant update my main gaming laptop till clevo release drivers designed for windows 10 so some features will continue to work.

    Well I updated the 3rd laptop which is my secondary, update went fine my the os was slow and sluggish, my parents was too so I did a fresh install using windows 10 and while it worked on my parents toshiba laptop, on mine, it nuked it, I keep getting a bsod on boot stating inaccessible boot device. I guess I'm writing this to both vent and warn anyone reading.

    I'm making a windows 10 usb installer now, try a complete fresh install using the laptops original windows key, see if that works, I'll update this with full instructions if I get it fixed so hopefully it can help anyone else who suffers the same issue.


    so I got everything working in the end after alot of hassle, I used a recover option in the windows 10 install media to wipe the entire drive clean and format to one partition, the drive was originally a gpt partition so i used the command line to convert it to mbr, after than windows 10 installed smoothly, I had lost the license key (turns out my laptop never came with one) which had me worrying about activating windows 10, but it grabbed the key from the bios.


    06/26/2015 at 18:38 0 comments

    So college exam results came back as well as results for all other modules, 4 first class honours, passed the year so I am now officially a third year college student. I'm busy handling alot of pet projects at the moment, I'm hoping to start writing them up soon as well as share them on behance where I have a portfolio (thats sadly empty...), I also have to get around to making a linked in account. One project I have to start that I'm excited about if I can pull it off is a photoshop script that converts a photoshop project to an interactive java UI or html page, straight from graphic design to implementation, I have a concept of how this would work, just need to get time to make it.