The Zwockelcopter is a little PCB which isn't only a normal PCB! This PCB is able to fly!

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What's the Zwockelcopter?
So the Zockelcopter is not only a flying PCB it's primary a experiment with swarm intelligence. My plan is to build 5 or 10 of this PCBs and let them fly completely alone. At this point it's in early dev but I really want to finish this project.

A little ad:
Unfortunately I don't have enough money to build only one of those copters. So if you want to support the project send a few millibitcoins to this address: 17fBipz4MXU6MmkFa1mXq6DhBuTmYs6jzv

Now a bit to the hardware:
The main controller is a STM32F301 (an ARM-Cortex M4(R) ). To communicate with each other all copters have a NRF24L01 2.4GHz transceiver. For orientation is a MPU9150 gyroscope and compass on board and a BMP280 to detect the height precisely. I'll use 2gramm brushless DC motors.

Why the name?
Thats's quiet simple! A guy from our hackerspace is trying to give me the nickname Zwockel which is a old german word for a small person. So he gave me the id


EAGLE Schematic (Last updated 2016-06-28)

sch - 754.33 kB - 06/28/2016 at 20:17



EAGLE Board (Last updated 2016-06-28)

brd - 223.21 kB - 06/28/2016 at 20:17


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