• Taking Pictures for the First Time

    iSax04/10/2018 at 08:50 0 comments

    I've hooked the camera and the button to the Raspberry and written a script in Python that allows me to take a photo when pushing the button.

    I've also put a ring of WS2812 pixels around the camera to make a flash. They are individually controlled with a Arduino Nano.

    The video is in Swedish but I'm just saying that it takes a photo when I push the button and it's then saved to the desktop.

  • Catch up

    iSax04/10/2018 at 08:43 0 comments

    So I started this before Hackaday, but here is a breakdown of whats happened.

    1. I found a nice acrylic board with bent edges in a dumpster and places the Big Red Shiny Button and a screen in a nice looking symmetrical way.

    I then did the maiden job for my Dremel and milled out a hole for the button and screen.

    I stripped the screen from it's original case and installed Raspbian on an SD card.

    Then is was mounted on a piece of plywood behind the case.

    Then I also mounted the camera above the screen.