I**A-CNC Machine

A open source CNC-Router build arround a IKEA Torsby Table

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I'm building a CNC Router made out of some basic materials - it can be extended to mostly any existing table and is easy to build.

It needs some aluminium profiles ( 20x20mm and 30x30mm ) , bearings , spindle/holder, lead-screws, wood and printed parts.

It al started that i was not happy with the first commercial "diy"-CNC that i have purchased. The hole machine design was a big failure - but i learned a lot.

So i spend some days of thinking about a solution.
As i was tight on budget i had to find a cheap sollution. One moment i stumbled over my old Ikea Torsby table that was in my garage. And it turned out to be a perfect base for a new CNC-milling-machine. :)

So i started to build.

Of course the machine can be modified to fit a lot of other tables also.

As the project is already more advanced the below pictures are not always in chronological order.

I hope you like it and might find some inspirations for your own concepts.

All files+the manual will be published on GitHub.


A 3D-PFD of my design as first preview

Adobe Portable Document Format - 1.40 MB - 07/17/2016 at 23:36


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Adam Fabio wrote 08/12/2016 at 02:18 point

Great work! Does using wood for the gantry sides cause any issues with flex? 

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Thomas wrote 08/12/2016 at 02:47 point

Hey Adam, thanks! Until now i have not noticed a "flexing" effect on the cuts i have done so far.On the backsite of the printed parts of the carriage i have added some inserts for screws to fix the alu bar's very good.

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