• Making the enclosure

    finkel.rf07/22/2016 at 12:47 0 comments

    A big Tic Tac box has enough space to hold all the electronics.

    To fix the boards inside the enclosure I used some folded paper clips.

    And to make the holes in the plastic box I used a hot paper clip and pliers to hold it while making the holes.

    Voilà, not so beautiful but does the job.

  • Hacking the eletronics

    finkel.rf07/22/2016 at 12:42 0 comments

    After removing all the plastics in the headphones i needed to find out how to actually make it from a headphone to a audio adapter.

    After some time analyzing the board I saw that the audio in connector was in parallel with the speakers.

    Great, so i only need to connect any other headphone in the audio in and it should output some sound?

    Not so easy, once i connected something in the audio in the bluetooth processor would be turned off, it means that there is some signal connecting the audio in and the processor.

    After some more analysis of the board I conclude that the signal DT (in the picture) was connecting the audio in to the microprocessor, and once i plugged the headphones it would be shortened and kill the processor, so i just cut it off =D.

    DONE, just cut off the speakers and now my audio input is my only audio output.