In this video, we show you how to build the mirror:

The mirror consists of a wooden frame and a low profile monitor which sandwiches the acrylic sheet (see through mirror) to the back of the frame. This model shows you how the monitor sits behind some 3d printed brackets we made:

We built the wooden frame by glueing several pieces of 1x3 and 1x2 together.

Once the frame was done, we loaded some application code on the raspberry pi.

Here's the finished product!

UPDATE: We added an AI to the mirror

We created another video recently that show you how to add artificial intelligence to the mirror. We created this AI and use for the natural language processing. Since the code is open source, anyone can help to make the AI smarter.

Unfortunately, the AI is too much for a Raspberry Pi to handle, so we created a guide on how to set it up on a Mac.

Here is a link to the Github repository: