2) USB Controller: REV A Schematics

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A Raspberry PiZero based mobile router with wireless storage and memory expansion capability

fadilluqumanfadilluquman 09/08/2016 at 09:440 Comments

Once the breadboard view of the controller was developed, I moved onto designing and developing the USB hub controller on Eagle 7.6 Lite. This software is a very handy tool for makers and hobbyists as it provides free license for up to 2 layers. This is more than enough for our project. There are other softwares which serves the purpose like OrCAD Lite. There is no time limit for this version but is limited by the complexity of the design like a design with more than 90 nets cannot be saved etc. I have been working on a custom library for the usb controller. The differential USB data lines require high speed TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) ESD(Electro Static Discharge) protection diodes. The TI TPD4E1U06 serves exactly this purpose. Hence, the REV A usb hub would look a little ugly due to the large number of TVS diodes. I have uploaded the REV A schematics which would be very shortly revised with the custom library part.