Quantity   Component name
1 × A cpu board Something with some processing power and WIFI, i've got a couple of different routers laying around. One of them will fit the bill.
2 × Geared drive motors I'm gonna go for tracks with tank control, need two decently sized motors, probably geared down a little.
2 × Microsoft sidewinder joysticks These i've already got. I'm thinking thay would make great front arms (the suction cup and laser gun. Just need to figure out if they will fit.
1 × USB camera For the eye of course.
1 × RC Hobby servo For moving the eye arm.
1 × Some microcontrollers for controlling different modules. I'm thinking about using i2c from the CPU board to variouos modules in the robot.
1 × Some sensors Distance sensors, bump sensors, perhaps even PIR.
1 × A big fan I've got a 24cm fan but some rough calculations showed that is way to big, 12cm is more like it.
1 × A Geared motor To rotate the head.
1 × Batteries Don't know what i need yet, don;t have anything laying around either.
1 × Battery charger Any batteries need to be charged of course.
1 × An electronic compass I've got an electronic compass module which could come in handy for positioning and pathfinding.
1 × More motors I haven't figured this out yet but if i want to able to dump the dust automatically i will probably need to left the robot up onto a dust bin.