Light Emitting Ball (LEB)

Precursor to Light Staff

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Built a ball out of RGB LEDs when I had nothing much better to do.

Sound and Motion reactive with XBee radio to coordinate with other LEBs or processing simulation to get make it into a performance control surface.

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    Step 1

    Laser Cut Acrylic (2.6 mm thick I believe, but you can double check the slot measurements in the DXFs to be sure) 

    Accordign to the following DXFs.

    Solder the ends of each ring of WS2811's together, making sure to have common ground/single source power or the other way around to ensure proper power distro.

    Serially connect the digital in/out lines to make one large chain. 

    Wire up the buck regulator to power and the strips, and the digital in to the Arduino (or teensy, or micro of your choice). 

    Have fun coding some things. Adafruit Neopixel code should work with these LEDs,

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mpinner wrote 03/30/2014 at 20:11 point
yes! i think we got it out of kyle's head and up on thingiverse or there are a few other versions floating around. NSL has a pretty nice one from PCBs

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Metalnat wrote 03/16/2014 at 07:00 point
If somebody wanted to recreate this ball? is there any place that one might be able to find the dxf's for the lasercut pieces, The code to enable and react to tilt, or any other fun details?

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