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Yet another SDR project for open source embedded sytems. The board's name is BeagleSDR, a companion board for Beagleboard-x15 "the beast", which has been classified as top performing system in the embedded world. It is no more useful to describe it, with its powerful design, with the best current micro-processor TI-AM5728, which has surpassed public expectations. The BeagleSDR will mainly bring up above Beagleboard-x15, Xilinx XC3S500E Spartan 3E FPGA, ATmega328 8-bit AVR Microcontroller, ADC TI-ADS5522 12 bits, DAC Analog Devices AD9764 14 bits TxDAC, and Linear Tech LTC6904 I2C 10kHz-68MHz programmable CMOS clock oscillator. In some simple words, it is an add-on board ("cape") that turns your Beagleboard-x15 into wave receiver and transmitter. Subjects like avr micro-controller programming, fpga, chips-beaglesdr (C2verilog), matlab simulink xilinx system generator for DSP diagram synthesis, gnuradio are described in.

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  • 1 × FPGA Spartan 3S500E
  • 1 × AVR M328
  • 1 × ADC TI ADS5522
  • 1 × DAC AD9764
  • 1 × SDRAM MT48LC16M16A2P

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