Quantity   Component name
1 × Vista 20p Control Panel Standard home security burglary/fire panel used to monitor sensors for fault conditions (such as wire faults), provide and manage both active and backup power, as well as communicate alarm signals when appropriate. As designed, any security panel capable of supporting 9 wired zones and a 12V alarm output could be used.
1 × Shunt Trip breaker (12V DC input) The shunt trip breaker will mate to an associated circuit breaker and, upon receipt of a 12V DC control input, will throw the breaker to the OFF position.
3 × Double Float Switches Mechanical float switches are used as the remote sensor. The selected design incorporates three double float switches, each of which contain two floats along a single vertical axis.
3 × Outdoor-rated enclosures Enclosures which contain the mechanical float switches should be designed as weather-exposed components allowing water to pass freely into and out of the enclosure while providing physical protection to the mechanical float switches.
1 × EEPROM An electrically erasable programmable read only memory serves as the lookup table to provide a reference between float switch states and fault/warning/flooding conditions.
2 × LM339 Quad Differential Comparator Comparator circuits are used to bridge the security panel voltage ranges (relative to float switch statuses) and the inputs of the EEPROM.
3 × DC controlled / DC rated relays Relays are used here from the outputs of the EEPROM to zone inputs on the alarm panel to be associated with specific fault, warning, and flooding states.
1 × Four-conductor direct-bury rated wire (18 AWG) Connects the security panel to the remote mechanical float switch enclosures. Should allow for distances well in excess of 100' from the control panel.
1 × 12V to 5V power supply Supplies 5V to the comparator, relay, and EEPROM circuits from the 12V battery.