Virtual Eye: A Device to Aid the Blind

Virtual Eye allows blind or others to know if the can "see" a familiar face, see a stop sign, or practically any object in real time.

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Virtual Eye will constantly take pictures of the world around the user. It will then store this data to a temporary file and analyze that file using template matching to find if it can detect a template image such as a stop sign, and users can customize it by taking pictures of their relatives or loved ones and labeling them as their name. Then if the software finds the face or object in an image, it will alert the user through audio output via headphones.

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Steven Gann wrote 10/03/2016 at 12:10 point

Template matching files seems unusual. Why did you select this method over more popular image recognition methods like OpenCV? You're using Python and describe what sounds like a portable system, so are you using a Raspberry Pi?

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