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    Step 1

    Packages had been severely 'munged' during shipping, but nearly everything survived, a testament to the machine! The acrylic "Guard" had broken... I wish I didn't fix it, cause it just gets in the way

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    Step 2


    Medium Machiney Benchtop Injection Molder; 5CFM+ Air Compressor (Harbor Freight 10Gal, 2.5 Horsepower, $130) {plus adapters & fittings} ; Toaster Oven ($80); kitchen gram/oz scale; stop watch;


    channel-lock & needle-nose pliers, diagonal cutters, metal spatula, flat end screw driver, heavy duty grill grate, plastic measuring cup, plastic funnel & tubing,


    HDPE pellets,

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    Step 3

    Additions to the Machine:

    I penciled in the line-up point of my mold, to the faceplate of the bottom bracket. I may make a laser cut tool for it later.

    I created a set of rulers on the side of the machine to gauge the shot size/volume/weights that I will be using...