All of the documents about the MC60 that I could get from the Quectel website are posted in the Git repo at :

Quectel MC60

Power Input is 5V / 3 Amps, but a 2 Amps source might work.

Connectors and Interfaces

  • 3.5mm audio jack, CTIA style TRRS (Left/Right/GND/Mic)
  • Micro SD Card socket
  • Micro SIM socket
  • u.FL connector for GPS Antenna
  • u.FL connector for GNSS Antenna
  • On board Chip Antenna for Bluetooth
  • On/Off switch (or via external signals)
  • External 3V3 input. 3 pin header (GND/3V3/GND), to prevent reverse connections)
  • 3V3 or 5V selector for UART output connector voltage.
  • 8-pin UART header. MC60 communicates with external world via this header
  • 3 pin Debug UART


  • Hardware : Design is complete.
  • Gerbers : Not yet generated pending design review.
  • Software : None