Multi-purpose remote control interface set

We use 3 arduino MC board to construct universal unit that include 6 axes IMU, RF remote, navigation and automotive lights.

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Any construction of a some moving model include these 3 parts- IMU (Inertia movement unit), remote and lights. The power of a simple Arduino MC board is not enough for these 3 tasks. And we divide the tasks - the first MC unit receive signals from RF receiver, normalized data from IMU MC board and transmit data to control the light MC unit. We design the light system using addressable LEDs WS2812. The set can be used in any auto- , ship-, avia- models and replicas. You need just to configure the code.

Every model has automotive and (or) navigation lights. Car replica has sometimes more than 10 different lighters - headlight, turn signals, stop signals. And every group of lights needs high-current driver and MCU pin and some control source to switch the lights on and off. We use adressable LEDs WS2812 to emulate all the lights - in any car, plane or car replicas. We construct also the RF REmote - Arduino MCU interface to control the motion of Arduino's controlled models. We use also 6- or 9- axes IMU to check the model angles.


Schematics of the Conrol Kit. Version 00

JPEG Image - 688.23 kB - 05/19/2018 at 22:46



Arduino Code for MC2 - Lightt controller MCU board. Ver.00

ino - 5.50 kB - 05/19/2018 at 22:45



Arduino Code for MC0 - central controller MCU board. Ver.00

ino - 3.44 kB - 05/19/2018 at 22:44


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