Step 1: Design

In my opinion the best way to make a life scale product you have Imagine it first, and I designed the controller first on Google SketchUpbecause its a very effective tool to draw your innovation.

Step 2: Tools and Materials


- Soldering iron


- Knife - Sandpaper or other sanding equipment

- Screwdriver

- Pliers


- Screws

- MDF 4mm 30cm * 21cm

- Male-Female 10cm dupont cables

- Male-Female 10cm dupont cables

- Male-Male 10cm dupont cables

- Shrink Cables

Circuit Components:

- 10k resistor

- LED lights

- Toggle switch 3 pin

- Stop switch

- Joystick Module

- Potentiometer

- On/off switch

- Active Buzzer

- Arduino Uno

Step 3: Making the Board

I print out the shape on A4 paper, then I cut it out from MDF board as shown. and to give it good look I just cover the wood with printed paper.

Step 4: Installing the Circuit

In the first beginning I started with led lights that works as an indicator while using the controller, then I fixed the circuit components as shown.