A CHIP8 emulator (that once hoped to be ported to the esp8266)

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"I've always wanted to write emulators, and now that I got some basic knowledge of C I decided to give it a try!" - Me
I said that a month ago, and since then, I haven't worked some much into the project (Not at all really). However, I just found the source files for the emulator, hidden in between memes and other not-finished projects. Naturally, I felt a little bad for not finishing it, so I decided to give it a try once more!.

While I'll love to see it running on a TFT display with a buzzer as a speaker, I'll much rather have it working before doing anything else.

Note: That's just an excuse to get more experience with SDL, for future emulators and other projects
Second note: I'm still relatively new to C programming (being my only source of education the glorious book: "The C programming language") .

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