Gesture Controlled Smart Mirror

Access Date, Time, Weather, News, and Google Calendar, all from your bathroom mirror. Controlled by simple gestures in front of the mirror.

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A smart mirror is something I've always wanted to own since watching black mirror. There are many builds available using a Raspberry Pi and the Magic Mirror software. I was surprised by the limitations in this software, especially that there was no way for the user to interact with the information being displayed to them.

This inspired me to write my own software for a smart mirror. I used Python, and found a sensor that integrates really well with a Raspberry Pi. The sensor tracks hand motions in 3D space and is called the Flick pad. This enabled my mirror to not only be interaction friendly without touch, but also access more data, thanks to the multiple screens that interaction enabled.

You can scroll through news headlines by spinning your finger, flick down to read one, and spin again to scroll through the text. You can flick to the right to look at your hourly forecast, and spin your finger to cycle through the radar. You can flick left to look at your Google Calendar.
  • 1 × Computer Monitor Minimal Back-lighting is preferred, as are downward facing ports.
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B was used in this build.
  • 4 × Wooden Lumber 3" x 1"
  • 8 × Wood Screws
  • 1 × Gorilla Glue

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