360 degrees 3D LiDAR project

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A new 360 degree 3D LIDAR based on similar (and some even better) components as the Scanse Sweep.

-No slip rings
-Wireless Power
-IRDA Infrared Data transfer
-2 Axis
-Adjustable speed
-BLDC motors
-Water-proof housing
-WIFI access (Hotspot)
-Battery pack
-Integrated encoders

An old prototype of our DIY LIDAR is working since years (, and the new version is in work

So the first prototype is coming together. Changed the Brushless motor from a DJI 3510 to an PM2805 with encoder feedback on the Vertical axis. The first version will use a LidarLite V3, here we need a really slow vertical movement @ 0.01 hz and 3.0 hz horizontal, so around 100 seconds for one rotation for a dense 3D Cloud (not for realtime 3D, but for mapping it's ok - like the Leica BLK360)

LidarLite V3 fits nice in the housing. Using 6710 2RS / 61710 2RS 50x62x6 mm bearing at top/bottom to reduce load on motor. The motor needs the power to work against the friction of this two bearings.

Reducing height with the PM2805 BLDC.

Quick example of running a BLDC motor with an cheap L298 over 5V Powerbank and a Mega.

Quick test of IR serial communication between two nodemcu’s. Sending AS5048A sensor data wirelessly.

  • Lidar test with ESP-Now

    Robin Fröjd10/23/2018 at 07:19 0 comments

    So last night I was testing to use ESP-NOW to transfer data between the two Nodemcu´s. We are still using Wireless power for the rotating head, the ESP-Now does not seem to get any interference from the Coils (As the IrDA2 boards).

    For a first test this seems promising, I need to improve speed and see how fast we can transfer data over ESP-Now. 

  • First Prototype

    Robin Fröjd10/22/2018 at 09:21 0 comments

    So time for a small update on this project.

    We have a the first prototype ready for testing (1-axis rotation with IR and Wireless power).

    We made it bigger so we could fit all kinds of pre-built components within. We are using the IrDA2 click board for IR send / receive LidarliteV3 data between the Nodemcu´s.

    First test is partly successful. While utilizing the USB on both Nodemcu´s the IR transfer is successful with 115.2kbit/s and data is returned successful.

    If we try to power up the Nodemcu (the one that is placed inside the lidar head) and utilizing the power coils the serial mointor for the the other Nodemcu freezes (The one that is outside and connected over USB) and should receive the IR data from the head.

    Maybe there is some interference from the Wireless power coils that destroys / interference with the TX/RX lines on the IrDA2 board communication. I would also need to check if the power is sufficient from the RX power coil.

    Previous tests with simpler solutions worked without any problem when running over wireless coils and did not show any interference from the Power coils.

    Here is a very simple sketch on how it’s connected:

    Any suggestions? Please feel free to to leave a comment :slight_smile:

  • IrDA2 Click and two NodeMcu’s at 115.2kbit/s ​

    Robin Fröjd07/30/2018 at 12:56 0 comments

    LIDAR-Lite V3 serial communication with IrDA2 Click and two NodeMcu’s at 115.2kbit/s

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dainazinas wrote 12/24/2018 at 00:24 point

Have you considered slightly different design approach like the "Leica BLK360"?

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