Methane Sensing Drone

Methane and alcohol sensing using drone

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Methane is a highly flammable gas and is a reason for many fire related incidents. So i decided to make a methane sensing drone to check for gas leaks. We can easily replace methane sensor with alcohol or CNG or smoke sensor whatever you wish to sense.

I have heard many instances of deadly fires caused due to methane leakage. So decided to make a project with a thought of detecting methane leaks before hand and  stopping such disasters before it happens.

In this Project I made Methane sensing drone using PlutoX and MQ2 sensor.

MQ-2 gas sensor has high sensitvity to Methane, Propane and Hydrogen, also could be used to sense LPG and other combustible steam, it has low cost and suitable for different application.

Integrated this sensor with PlutoX drone and by which I can print on the screen  Methane Detected  if it detects leak also It can be used to take flight to reach you or drop the Height if it detects Methane over some threshold value just with simple coding you can make the drone do what you want it to do.

This Drone can be easily used to detect other gas just by changing the sensor.

MQ2 - Methane, Butane, LPG, smoke.

MQ3 - Alcohol, Ethanol, smoke.

MQ4 - Methane, CNG Gas

MQ5 - Natural gas, LPG

MQ6 - LPG, butane gas

MQ7 -  Carbon Monoxide

MQ8 - Hydrogen Gas

MQ9 - Carbon Monoxide, flammable gasses.

To open drone experimentation to the world, Drona Aviation are crowdfunding for PlutoX on Indiegogo. Support us and help us bring it to life:

  • 1 × PlutoX It is a nano drone developed by Drona Aviation
  • 1 × PlutoX breakout board
  • 1 × MQ2 Gas sensor Methane Gas sensor

  • 1
    • PlutoX
    • PrimusX board
    • PrimusX breakout board
    • MQ2 gas sensor
    • Double sided tape
    • Zip tie
  • 2
    • MQ2 sensor need a 5V Input.
    • Solder the connector cables to GND, VCC, ADC pin out (Pin 19).
    • Place the sensor and tie it properly. 
  • 3
    • Breakout board gives power to MQ2 sesnor 
    • Github link to read the sensor data
    • Convert the input data to equivalent voltage
    • Set some specific threshold, If the sensor data is greater than a threshold ARM the drone and Set a Specific height to take off.

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