LED Blinking via Substrate Integrated Waveguide

Entry to the 2018 MacroFab + Mouser "Blink an LED" Contest

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Blinking by sweeping a signal generator through the cutoff frequency of a substrate integrated waveguide, followed by a Schottky power detector connected to an LED.

Video demonstrating and describing operation of the LED blinking.

(Apologies for the portrait aspect ratio..)

Gerber files for substrate integrated waveguide (on RT/duroid 6002)

x-zip-compressed - 1.03 kB - 08/19/2018 at 20:26


KiCad project for power detector/LED board

x-zip-compressed - 16.83 kB - 08/19/2018 at 20:26


  • 1 × Skyworks SMS7621-040LF Diode Mouser PN 873-SMS7621-040LF
  • 1 × Murata 0603 Ferrite Bead Mouser PN BLM18GG471SN1D
  • 1 × SMA Edge Launch Connector Mouser PN 523-901-10044-6RFX
  • 1 × 12K 0603 Resistor 603-RE0201DRE0712KL
  • 1 × AVX 0603 22 pF Capacitor Mouser PN 581-06033J220GBSTR

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    LED Blinking Instructions
    1. Mill substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) PCB out of RT/duroid 6002 (
    2. Attach SMA connectors and solder copper tape between the top and bottom ground plane along the waveguide portion.
    3. Mill out power detector board, then populate per KiCad schematic (
    4. Attach power detector board to a signal generator via the SIW waveguide.
    5. Configure signal generator to sweep across waveguide cutoff frequency and set power to 10 dBm
    6. Record video and enter project into MacroFab + Mouser LED blinking contest.

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