Installing an Arduino in a TV

A simple half-day project where I install an Arduino in an old TV

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My Technika (Tesco own-brand) TV has many flaws. Not least its sub-par firmware. My biggest problem with the firmware is the boot routine. To get the TV working is a convoluted process:
1. Turn it on at the wall (i.e. plug it in).
2. Wait 6 seconds for it to boot into standby mode.
3. Press the standby button.
4. Wait a few more seconds for an image to appear.
There is no option in the setting to have it power on fully when turned on at the wall.

My solution is to solder in an Arduino Pro Mini. The Arduino is powered by a 5V bus on the TV's main board which is live as long as the TV is turned on at the wall. I've connected the TV's standby button circuit to one of the Arduino's pins so it can automatically "press" the standby button 6.2 seconds after power comes on.

I'd ultimately like to turn it on and off at the wall with a Sonoff, sensing activity from the only input device, an Nvidia Shield Android TV box.

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Donovan M. wrote 09/09/2018 at 15:16 point

Resourceful solution to an unusual TV.

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