Purza Sensor Stick

A small sensor stick PCB that can be used for proximity and object detection.

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Purza Sensor Stick is a small PCB stick (12.5mmx50mm) to connect different sensors (for example, TCRT5000, LDR, Photodiodes) in different electronics projects. Additionally, it can control the transmitting power of sensors. It was an old PCB that we dug up to submit for the square-inch project competition.

Purza Sensor Stick is a module that engineers can use in their electronics and mechatronics projects. You can connect TCRT5000, LDR or Photodiode on such a tiny stick. I tested TCRT5000 and LDRs on it. It is easy to solder and use. You can either use a transistor to switch on the TCRT5000/LED or you can short the R1 resistor to turn it on directly.


For using TCRT5000 with Purza Sensor Stick I soldered transistor, resistors and the sensor. The results were better than that of LDR. It measured from 1cm to 20 cm distance. I used yellow paper as an object and a wooden scale of 30cm to measure distance. Following table shows the distance of sensor stick board to an object and their respective analog values.

                         DISTANCE IN CM                           ANALOG VALUE
                                        1                                       810
                                        5                                      950
                                        8                                      995
                                       10                                      1008
                                       20                                      1020

Serial Plotter Results:

1 cm distance
When object is 1cm away

20 cm distance
When object is 20 cm away

  • 1 × TCRT5000 Sensors / Angle, Position
  • 2 × LDR
  • 1 × Photodiode
  • 1 × NPN Transistor
  • 1 × Resistors 10k, 1k and 220 ohms

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  • 1

    Solder the components.

    If you want to use TCRT5000, solder the sensor along with resistors and transistor.

    If you want to use LDRs, solder the sensors along with resistors, transistor and white LED. The white LED can be turned ON or OFF by the transistor's base pin i.e. pin 4 from the top.

  • 2

    Connect the Purza Sensor Stick with Arduino as follows:

    • First pin (+V) with the 5V on Arduino
    • Second pin (Sensor) with A0 Analog pin on Arduino
    • Third pin (Ground) with the Ground on Arduino
    • Fourth pin with 5V pin on Arduino if you want your sensor (TCRT500) or LED to be permanently ON, but if you want to control them you can assign an Arduino pin to it and control them with that pin's condition.
  • 3

    Upload the code on Arduino and enjoy. I have provided the GitHub link for the code. You can write the code yourself. Just read the analog pin that sensor is connected to and print the data on serial monitor. Enjoy.

    With LDR
    With TCRT

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