HALL 9000 Replica

I was 16 when I first saw Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" and when HAL 9000 changed my life... maybe I can return the favor to him now?

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This is the global concept: the black 120×80 cm panel with four TFT monitors and the famous HAL's eye, made of "fish-eye" lens with the red backlight, in the middle. I looked all HAL's scenes from the movie many times, paused it and measured all proportions. And then I was stuck in the very beginning of the project: how to get the lens for the "eye"?The original lens in the movie was NIKKOR fish-eye 1:8 f=8mm Nippon Kogaku. It's out of production now, but sometimes you can buy the second hand one for a price which is over $2,500. Too much money, but then I saw the very similar lens on Amazon, named Oshiro 8mm f/3.5 LD UNC AL Fisheye. Same focal length, same diameter, same shape and, the most important... it was only $129.95.
Then I could start the first phase: the eye-speaker frame.

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