It's a band that uses Gyro, Accel & HeartBeat sensors to modify playing music beats smartly to increase calmness especially for Autism child

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Anxiety in human being causes several important consequences in their body. Heartbeat increment and movement of body organs (e.g. hands) are two of immediate results which caused by tension. An important concern in Autism Children education is to increase their calmness during training. I have done several studies that show calm music has an extreme effect in making these lovely children calmer. I think if we change the beats of calm music actively by the person's live data, we could reach better consequences. Especially if we use a deep neural network for exactly learn the patient features and modify the music beats particular for that person. we can even reach better results. So I want to design a Band and a Software to do this. Nowadays we have smart bands that measure such data that can use in a smartphone to modify the beats of music, but I think that kind of band since has many other features can be destructive and also it is a little expensive especially for where I'm

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