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Diabetes Data, Everywhere

A Continuous Glucose Monitor, the Cloud = Life Saving, Life Changing Diabetes Care... for everyone.

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A Dexcom G4 continuos glucose monitor and its protocols were decoded to allow for real time upload of critical Blood Glucose data (of my 4 year old son), and viewing by Mom, Dad, his school nurse.

A pebble watch to give a glanceable peek and helpful alerts, allowing us to live our lives and take back some of the "normal" that type 1 and its rigorous management steals from the individual and their loved ones.

Making the uploader and pebble app open source & collaborating with others has grown the tools into a viral sensation and is widely used by many, many more people than I would have ever imagined.

The intense interest and growth speaks to the challenges of type 1 diabetes, a constantly life threatening and challenging disease... Some estimate about 600 individual tasks PER DAY are required to manage type 1 diabetes. These freely available tools, even with the challenges of a DIY project, have been embraced by many for the simple fact: it makes life better.

An important aspect of this project is the profound impact it can have on the lives of those that are not waiting, and already use it:

The Facebook Group:

Super high-level of our current system... all working!! Goal is to make this all turnkey, much easier to setup & customize.

ONE of literally hundreds of unique testimonials of the impact this project, and making it open source, has had:

The growth of the community (CGM in the Cloud & Nightscout):

Other Open Source Projects used to make this possible:

  • 1 × Android Device USB Host (OTG) capable, OS verison 4.x+
  • 1 × OTG Cable
  • 1 × Micro B Male to USB A Male [cable]
  • 1 × Dexcom G4 Continuos Glucose Monitor Receiver
  • 1 × Web Server Data & Service (API)
  • 1 × Pebble Watch (Optionall)
  • 1 × iOS Device (Optional)
  • 1 × Scientific Angler Fly Box
  • 1 × 1.5" Drill Bit & Drill
  • 1 × Velcro (low profile)

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