Main benefits of this circuit over existing EL drivers:

1.  No loud 3KHz audible whistle noise.  The transformer(s) in this circuit run at >1MHz, and do not produce audible noise.  There is a small amount of noise from the EL wire/panel itself, but it's much less noticeable than typical EL drivers.

2. Smooth 7-bit or 8-bit grayscale control of each EL segment at >60 frame/second.

3.  When powering 32 EL segments from the 64 channels (or 4 segments from 8 channels), the waveform from each pair should be balanced (no DC bias). The firmware doesn't take special care to always produce a balanced pair, but it's close, so there could be some improvement, and the hardware fully supports it.

4.  All SMD.  Total circuit height is 2.5mm.