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I began this project to provide an alternative to existing crowdfunding websites (like kickstarter), for projects that are traditionally underserved or underperform on those platforms. Software, Websites, and game launches never seem to meet their target audiences when crowdfunding. Crypto Crowd Funding allows Developers to raise funds, and backers to donate by simply mining XMR in their browsers.

The majority of this project is built upon Open Source Software from the Cryptocurrency community. Once fully stable, it is my intention to release the collective materials from this project on github for others to view and improve upon.

The project website is up, and mostly functional for readers that would like to have a look, or get involved Crypto CrowdFunding @

The project uses an XMR miner that is loaded in-browser, and can be run in the background. The webminer portion of the code is based upon the WebMinerPool project on github, specifically the xmr-wasm webassembly.

Please note that like many of the pieces of this project, webminerpool is not my own code, and i will be making it a point to mention or give credit to the Open Source contirbutors whose work i have used or built upon here.


The website itself is SSL secure, and uses a legitimately signed certificate provided by LetsEncrypt. They have a fantastic tool available for everyone, if your interested in certificate signing check them out!

Connections from the user's browser to the ccf server are handled by secure web sockets ( wss:// ), using TLS.

Mining from GPU or individual rigs with a users own software ( XMRig, etc ) is almost fully implemented. It is not configured for encryption at this time. It is available using the address and port format most Crypto miners should be familar with . ( note : this port is configured for nicehash compatible miners, like XMRIG. User's need configure appropriately for this!)

Questions? Encouragements? Concerns?

Please reach out to or feel free to comment here!

  • Initial Testing

    dev@xmrccf.net11/28/2018 at 15:27 0 comments

    Because this is the first update in this projects logs, i'd like to provide a short list of what is presently implemented and working vs. planned features that are not.

    Currently functional features :

         Basic website functionality - Featured projects are displayed on landing page.

         Web based Monero miner  - tested on Firefox and Chrome.

         Simple submission form     - Submitted projects are emailed to xmrccf administrator

         Websocket Proxy Server    - Workers are connecting properly through secure      websockets to the server. The proxy connects all miners for a specific project to one specific address at the mining pool in use. 

         Encrypted Connections     - The website is setup for HTTPS, using a signed certificate. The connection from users to the proxy is also encrypted, using secure web sockets ( wss:// ) and TLS. When the mining pool in use supports encrypted connections, proxy to server is also encrypted. Attempts to connect webminers through an un-encrypted ( ws:// ) connection will not be allowed.

    Not functional or yet implemented :

        GPU/ASIC mining (xmrig or similar) - Is currently configured only for donations to this project. I am testing several different methods for allowing this to be scaled to more ports for each project, while providing secure connections.

        Full Statistics API - I am currently working on providing important statistics for the individual projects being mined to. Examples : current hashrates per project, workers online per project, total amount donated in xmr, etc.

    Future plans ( if interest and funding allows ) :

       Better project submission interface - Something along the lines of what similar websites use, to allow the creation of a project on the website. Allow the project coordinator to construct the project page, then submit for approval. Should support common media types : images, recorded video, etc. Provide a nice UI that users would generally expect.

    Of course, if your interested in getting involved with the project get in touch via email to Donations in XMR would be gladly accepted, or you can help out by mining for the Crypto Crowd Funding project via the link on our home page!

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