• Video of Señor Heater

    Apollo Timbers12/18/2018 at 18:44 0 comments

    I was able to find a nice metal fan blade at a local electronics surplus store to use and now Señor Heater is up and working fully. The video is a test using a piece of ice to cool down the chip, he then snaps to life, then shortly coughs and sputters back to slumber. More is to be done to move the main circuit off the breadboard but he is already taking shape nicely.

  • Frame completed

    Apollo Timbers12/17/2018 at 17:47 0 comments

    Created a basic form frame out of brass that is currently holding most of the major components together. Below is a look at the current progress. 

    Current wins:

    • The relay and motor combo seem to be a good fit
    • It looks more like a face

    Current fails:

    • The fan is not shaped correctly/it does not have a good fit to the motor
    • The first motor that I tried pulled more amps then my power supply could deliver
    • Might have a 12v 30amp relay that happen to come in the electronic surprise box, however the chip cannot drive it directly