Self Balancing Platform

The hardware implementation of the self-balancing monopod with the use of the PID controller (DCM algorithm) and simulation in MATLAB.

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Basically, the self-balancing platform consists of a platform which is balanced by the movement of three motors in opposite direction to the movement of the platform. Arduino Mega process the tilt angles obtained from IMU and give instruction to the respective servo motors to rotate by certain angle depending on its previous position to balance or control the platform. IMU consists of ADXL345 Accelerometer and ITG3200 Gyroscope whose outputs are calibrated properly by using FILTER to give the precise angle. This angle is sent to PID or DCM algorithm which measures the error i.e. how far the current position of the platform is from the desired set point (balancing point). The algorithm attempts to minimize the error by adjusting the process control inputs. As of delving deep into vast knowledge pool of self-controlled and stabilized devices, the team felt to get firsthand knowledge of various control mechanisms, IMUs, filters, robust mechanical system. and At last, programming is done.


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