Key Initiatives // Oct 12 2016

A project log for ⡱⢎ ( planning office ) ⡱⢎

But Mister Dent the plans have been available in the planning office for the last nine months!

Aleksandar BradicAleksandar Bradic 10/12/2016 at 19:330 Comments


This will always be on the top of the list. We're working on it day & night. For more info, check out the Feedback project.


Collaboration is what this place is all about and what makes it so special. We need to make it so that it's easier to find people to help with their work. The tagline we're playing with is "Start a project. Build a team." Though most of the users are a one-man-army, we feel that the "individual" aspect is working OK, but the "collaborative" piece needs a lot more work. So you'll see features & talk along these lines.


"Open Hardware" is a term that only makes sense if people can actually modify & build the project. Though there are a lot of well-documented projects on the site, we feel that we have to be way better at this. So we'll be working on ways to make this happen - both from a feature (better layout, ways to organize project assets, etc.) and the "incentives" standpoint (contests, badges, etc.). Schematics/BOM/CAD files are they key aspects of what makes a project "complete" - so we'll work on adding features that make these more of a "living" document rather than just a file on the server.


The fact that is a closed community of "peers" is amazing, and we want to keep it that way, but we also know that people get really excited about these follows/skulls and, most importantly, when someone reaches out to them with a "hey that's a great project, I have a skill X, can I help?." That said, with the current audience it's kind of a zero-sum game (everyone has a limited amount of time in a day), and we know there are a lot more amazing people out there, and we need to drag them in. So we'll be working on a redesign of the home page to make it clearer what this place is all about, as well as polishing up the "public view" of the projects. For logged in users - we'll still keep things quite cryptic, that part is for creators and they should make an effort to learn how things work ;)

Ideas/comments? Feel free to jump in!