Design and development of IOT enabled Smart Outlet

This project will monitor AC Line and will be able to generate electricity usage report connected with CS5463 power analyzer to wall socket.

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A Smart home automation is a system that uses internet connected devices to enable
The Remote Monitoring of devices.
i) Management of appliances and systems.
ii) Analyzing Power Consumption of appliances.
ii) Reduce electric cost.
Smart outlet allows you to make any appliance smart and controllable from anywhere. It also provides
i) Overload/Overcurrent protection
ii) Remotely control of devices
iii) Scheduling Appliances
Our project scope is
i) To develop a system for domestic use.
ii) Generating Load Profile.
iii) Minimize the electric cost & Consumption.
iv) To Use Energy Sources Efficiently.
v) Scheduling the devices according to peak and off-peak hours.

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