1.) Modifying the picture frame:
I had a picture frame laying around with a glass top so i cut out 4 corner pieces to make a 2nd layer below the glass and a base for drilling the holes for the leds. I used (well my dad xD) an angle saw to cut the 4 pieces. Secured together with Bison wood glue and clamps, also the angles hold the glass in place

2.) Gluing the paper and drilling the led holes
Fairly simple, i glued with the same glue i used above the colored paper onto the wooden base and let it dry overnight (note: i diluted the glue with some water so i wouldn't damage the paper)  Then i made a trace of the constellation on a piece of paper, secured it with tape on the base and drilled holes in it with a drill bit slightly smaller than the width of the body of an led (5mm).

3.) Drawing the lines and Writing
I used a silver marker for the lines and the text, (speaking of the text, people with the zodiac of Capricorn are characterized as ambitious, i don't believe in zodiacs but still a pretty cool and fun thing to think about)

4.) Wiring and finishing up
The leds i used where standard 11 5mm 3V white leds wired in parallel, however, they were extremely bright, to a point that if you had the frame somewhere hanged, the bright cold light would annoy you (which kinda defeats the purpose), so i used a 24 Ohm resistor after the junction to drop their voltage limiting their current, not the most efficient way, but still. For the wiring i used some 24 AWG wire i had laying around that came from CAT5 cables. 2 AAA batteries in series and a small switch plus a little bit of hot glue to keep everything into place and it was done.

I'm considering to make frames for all 12 zodiacs and also other constellations, the problem is that the more trouble is the picture frame having to be modified, so i'm currently looking for premade ones, and also thinking about using SMD leds instead of through-holes, but we will see. 

I hope you guys liked it, cheers