An LCD touchscreen you can mount into a standard North American work box in place of a light switch for Home Automation control

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The HA SwitchPlate is a user-programmable LCD touchscreen you can mount into a standard North American work box in place of a light switch. It connects to your home automation system over WiFi to send and receive MQTT messages in response to user interactions on the screen or events happening in your home. The result is an attractive and highly-customizable controller for your home automation system which you can build yourself!

HA SwitchPlate

HA SwitchPlate Models

The HA SwitchPlate ("HASP") utilizes a Nextion 2.4" LCD Touchscreen display mounted in a 3D-printed enclosure as a touchscreen panel for home control and information display. An ESP8266-based microcontroller provides WiFi connectivity and system control. The project has been developed to integrate with Home Assistant and OpenHAB but should be compatible with any other MQTT-enabled automation platform such as Domoticz, Node-Red, Wink, SmartThings, Vera, HomeKit, etc.

The Arduino code for the ESP8266 provides a generic gateway between MQTT and the Nextion instruction set. A basic Nextion HMI display file has been included with several pages of various layouts to provide user controls or to present information in response to MQTT messages sent to the device.

Demo screens

HA SwitchPlate Demo Screens

Purchase an assembled unit

As this build requires some specialist skills and tools, I will occasionally be offering assembled devices for sale here.

Buy me a coffee

Buy me a coffee

This project is powered by coffee. I might get a little weird about it at times, but it's not much of a stretch to suggest that coffee both powers and consumes a fair portion of my mental energy. Hook me up if you think HASP is cool. Thanks!

Bill of Materials

To build a simple version of this project you will minimally need the Nextion display and the WeMos D1 Mini, 4 jumper wires, and a USB cable to power both devices.

A complete build that's ready to install will require the following components:

Get Started!

Check out the documentation to get started building your own HA SwitchPlate.

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ChangosMuertos wrote 03/08/2019 at 20:30 point

Love the idea, and implementation.  However, as an end user, I can buy a very simikal product for $25 on amazon.  It just doesn't have a screen. Which I like.  Either way, good job on the project!

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luma wrote 05/02/2020 at 14:34 point

I might not have explained the project clearly - this is _only_ a screen.  It does not switch loads, it's purely for use as a control surface for your home automation system which you can install into an existing North American workbox with a matching faceplate.

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