Arudino compatible thermostat

Thermostat with InvIoT U1 (arduino compatible).

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By using the InvIoT U1 and a 4 relay arduino compatible module, I build a thermostat for heat/AC. It works with or without force air (FAN). There is a 24 zone temperature setting.

InvIoT U1 at kickstarter

There is a 24 hour temperature zone setting. Works for heating and A/C, with a force air or without a force air. A U1 and a 4 relay module is needed.


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    Step 1

    Setting up, connect relay, upload sketch

    1. Download the library for the U1 model at

    2. Load the sketch in your arduino IDE. Go to menu file/examples/InvIoT/applications/thermostat

    3. Set the pins depending on the relay module you have got.

    4. Connect the wires to your heater/AC unit.

    5. Upload the sketch

    Setup menu:

    Press the home button on U1 to set up the menu.

    First setup the time and the unit that you are using (C / F).

    If you like set time zones.

    Used at your own risk. All the info, software and hardware is "AS-IS".

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