Shelving this project

A project log for 8085 Minimax

In which I attempt to use up my retro 8085 CPUs

ken-yapKen Yap 07/09/2020 at 01:180 Comments

I was not able to get this board to boot. I may have faulty GALs, they don't seem to read back the same after programming, and I've been loath to debug the problem. Keith has successfully assembled this board so it's my problem, not the design. It seems he intends to improve the design, so I'll watch that with interest for something to do with 8085s. Also Craig's 8085 SBC.

The real problem is that I'm dissatisfied with the design of this board. It doesn't have any onboard GPIO, if you don't count the RIM and SIM pins, or my hack to use some modem pins. So it isn't great for driving stuff. Running Basic or CP/M on it gets old quickly.

So regretfully, maybe even with relief, I'm shelving this project. At least I learnt other things while trying this out.

I still have 7 unpopulated boards and can give you one if you pay postage from Australia.