Esp little game engine

Game engine using a virtual machine with a simulator and a web compiler

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Game engine with web emulator and compiler. The image is displayed on the tft using the TFT_eSPI library

The game engine has a virtual screen resolution of 128x128 pixels, 16 colors, one background layer, 32 soft sprites with collision tracking and rotation, 20kb of memory for the game and variables. The virtual machine performs approximately 900,000 operations per second at a drawing rate of 20 frames per second. Control of eight buttons.

The online compiler of the C subset to the assembler, and then to the virtual machine code.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 283.77 kB - 03/15/2019 at 14:05


  • 1 × esp8266
  • 1 × tft 240x320 ili9341
  • 1 × PCF8574 Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / Microprocessors (MPUs)
  • 1 × gameboy case

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tormozedison wrote 6 days ago point

Cool! A project with open source firmware, but top secret circuit diagram. Why?

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Igor wrote 4 days ago point

Nothing secret. Just a screen on spi and a keyboard on i2c

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tormozedison wrote 3 days ago point

Thanks. Take a look at this review:

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