Quantity   Component name
1 × 40W 405nm UV LED Module Provides the 405nm UV light to cure the resin.
1 × LED Module Heat Sink + Fan + Light Spread Lens Used to keep the LED module cool.
2 × 8mm to 5mm aluminum coupler
4 × Linear Rail + MGN12 carriages 2 per Z axis column
32 × M3 angled head flush bolts M3-8mm
100 × Series-5 T-slot Nut with M3 holes
100 × Series-5 T-slot Nut with M5 holes
100 × M5 socket head bolt M5-10mm
100 × M5 socket head bolt M5-8mm
100 × M3 socket head bolt M3-10mm
100 × M3 socket head bolt M3-8mm
4 × 350mm 20mm profile t-slot 20x80mm aluminum extrusion Used to form the 4 walls of the base frame. Acquired from Misumi USA
2 × 600mm 20mm profile t-slot 40x40mm aluminum extrusion These are used as the Z-axis towers. Acquired from Misumi USA
1 × 10.1" diagonal 2K LCD panel with backlight removed This results in a roughly 8.5"x5.5" active area and around 85-95nm point size. This will serve the purpose of the exposure mask for each layer.
1 × 20-40kg capacity ball head Used for mounting the build plate to the Z-axis arm to allow for tilting of the build plate to remain parallel to the vat's bottom
2 × NEMA17 Stepper Motors 0.9° or 1.8° These two are used to drive the Z-axis threaded rods.
2 × 500mm Trapezoidal 8mm Threaded Rod with 4 starts Connected to the NEMA17 Stepper motor to provide Z-axis motion.
2 × 8mm anti-backlash nut