My UV/LCD Resin 3D Printer Build

A 3D resin printer built around 20mm profile t-slot aluminum extrusion and all metal parts.

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A self-designed UV-cure, LCD masked, 3D resin printer. Originally meant to be a single column Z-axis, I went with a dual column Z-axis design. This documents my design and build process for the printer
  • 1 × 40W 405nm UV LED Module Provides the 405nm UV light to cure the resin.
  • 1 × LED Module Heat Sink + Fan + Light Spread Lens Used to keep the LED module cool.
  • 2 × 8mm to 5mm aluminum coupler
  • 4 × Linear Rail + MGN12 carriages 2 per Z axis column
  • 32 × M3 angled head flush bolts M3-8mm

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