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    Hardware Connection

    Connect Touch Sensor Grove to I2C port in Seeeduino, then connect Seeeduino to your PC via a USB cable.

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    Software Programming

    Step 1: Run KeyboardServer.exe in project root folder, if the application doesn't run, try to install .Net Framework to you PC.

    Step 2: Upload Seeeduino's program to it. Choose Seeeduino's port in Port Name combobox on Settings window, if you don't see the port, click Refresh button on the right.

    Step 3: Turn to Keys tab, choose channel's mapping key in channel's combobox, and enable it by checking the checkbox.

    Step 4: Close the Settings window, and find Seeed Keyboard Server's icon in Windows notification area, right click on it, choose Start to start the server.

    Now you can play scratch games with Touch Sensor.

    **NOTE: Before you upload program to Seeeduino, or uses other serial software on it, Stop or Quit Keyboard Server.