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so is this guy kidding hell no so you want to build a spaceship and blast your ass off in to outer space and your not elon musk or even close to being in the billionaire boys club you don't even have a million bucks stuffed under your mattress even mentioning it mite get you sent to the cu cu farm at least to the halls of crack pots but can it be done by the dedicated home builder I think so yes in deed so lets get down to business This design is not a definitive plan all of these will be one offs using materiel's at hand the uses and flight geometry's and building methods that the builder is comfortable with. the whole design concept is modular and adaptable the plane consists of a lifting body fuselage reentry vehicle where most of the internal volume is fuel tank built in three section's with the main center built in Monique construction for ease of build with two outer sections molded in high temp polymer. with a folding canard wing pack on top

this is a ongoing project and entry from last years contest and the evolution of years of work and study I have made a lot more progress and gained some new insights into the design and process of this spaceplane/one man dyi space program. laying everything out in the open source contest forum with has helped with giving me more motivation to push the project along and a good opportunity to network and share my design ideals. so on this years contest I will be rehashing part of last years contest to give you a general ideal of what I have in mind but you can check last years entry if your real interested. on my updates section I will be taking up from where I left off and discussing some of those issues and what I have been up to since the last contest. what I have learned some change of plans and some of the off shoots. so hears my description from last year that still looks good to day.    interested in personal space craft on a budget the only viable option I see at the moment is a fairly self contained single stage to orbit lifting body craft I hybrid aircraft spacecraft flying fuel tank with rocket I will start out at the beginning and give some of the background on my design and some more details and the logic my design solutions and reasons for sharing this very viable design I've been developing off and on for the last ten years then get in to more detailed descriptions of hardware and then go into the different flight geometries and there uses also in the upcoming weeks I will be scanning my notebooks and showing my designs in more detail with hand written  sketches and then start digging out and dusting off my cad models and start cleaning them up and putting in some more detailed explanations                IN  the beginning I was always interested in aviation but never quite having the funds to get that involved past basic flight instruction a sport of the well off at least not for one with one foot in the poverty level so I figured I will build a kit plane and studied all the designs methods of construction reading the story's of dedicated builders there heartbreaks and triumphs and had a few ideals of my own but always that one small problem I am fuc!#$%^&* broke I don't got no dam money. so I kept studying and designing. then came Burt Rutan and his space ship one the first private spaceships to break gravity and I said I can build one of them maybe better. The ultimate hack of all hacks if you survive .  lets get into more detail as previously stated I am using a lifting body fuselage built in three sections so why three sections first off ease of manufacture building the main larger center section in common frame tube Monique construction seams the most logical also a note on this center section as far as scaling. it would be easier widening and or lengthening  the design. and this center section with large flat curved surface on the bottom is ideal for hanging different thermal protection systems for different flight geometries that I will get in to more detail lets talk more on lifting body you mite have noticed in the pictures of the cad models and if you opened my note book file most all these designs have a blunt nose those are tradeoffs I made for the reentry part of this fuselage what this does is upon reentry sets up a shock wave in front mitigating some of the heat blast effect similar to what was used on the space shuttle the currant Boeing air force space plane and the Russian space plane designs .lets talk outer fuselage sections these components can be built in high temp composite in pieces using standard methods but now with the advanced materials at hand can be build cold molded meaning you don't need a giant oven...

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2001spaceplan note

here's some of my work to give you a ideal of my spaceplane concept building and hacking a space plane your not just hacking a space ship but a whole space program your own off world corporation your own off world government unto its own self answerable to no one but god and nature in effect you would be for the first time in your life a free man or woman how cool is that forget fame forget money no good out there give me freedom sweet sweet true freedom

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mars raven cad.igs

mars raven cad.igs here's my mars raven lander concept enjoy you can 3d print and test I left the wings and tail as separate components for you to play with further discussion on it on my updates page

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  • the latest

    starlord05/22/2019 at 06:23 0 comments

    as stated in the description this is a ongoing project from last year that I have been working on for a number of years so I will start up the new contest where I left off and be discussing what I been up to as discussed earlier I have been looking at this project from many different angles one of which was to find some interested party's in the aviation sector basically anyone anybody that would care to give some of there input on the subject not that I was expecting much or anything but you never know till you try. you cant win the lottery till you buy a ticket and in most cases that's exactly how the world works its not so much the ideal or design but who presents it to whom at the right time and under the right circumstances that hard reality is a fact of life that I learned decades ago so for the average folk like you and me its a long hard lonely road to try to advance any project let alone one this monumental or this far in to the crackpot zone. you can look at the aviation pioneer Vincent bearineli who I give homage to for this design hardly anybody knows his name even though every plane we fly in has his design's and patents in it. that he never enforced or had  the funds to hire lawyers to get composition from the major aircraft manufactures. just one thought  in a alternant realty if his lifting body fuselage designs would have prevailed over the round body designs which are cheaper and easier to build 100s thousands or more people would have had a better chance for survival having aircraft with a better engine out glide ratio and takeoff and landing at 50mph or less. than taking off and landing at 200mph and if the engines go out on the currant type your most likely dead. this is a early and continuing example of corporate greed and a system where your life does actually have a price on it . so I wasn't expecting much help or input from this sector frankly I am surprised if anybody answers any of my e mails under any circumstances for anything. but I said what the hell all it costs is computer time so I spent somewhere around 5 or 6 months doing research  off and on. on pretty much every aviation aerospace company every aviation affiliated corporation every space startup on the planet. I looked at the history the corporate structure the products. who are the players the contacts the contracts. I started and planed my PR campaign like a military operation thinking maybe I will get a hit. but going through the process all the research I did on the subject finding various company's that I never knew existed and what and how some of these entities operated and where doing was way more valuable than the original task basically learning the currant state of the art and corporate climate in overview for the entire world aerospace industry. and I know I probably missed a few this research is still ongoing. so I sent out around 2700 emails a lot where personal tailored to each individual or company then I started sending a bunch of cut and past of different types telling what im doing and was surprised to get some polite replays a very few from individuals from some of the major players in the field  most where polite replays  sounds interesting thanks for thanking of us. I am shore  I could have done a better job at this endeavor with better presentation more persistence and better follow-up I know they have a whole industry devoted for just that task but this is the one man low budget space program.  I did get 2 nice very encouraging e mails a little better than the others. and had a good talk with a nasa  affiliate that was encouraging. but at the end of the day as stated earlier the research  and knowledge gained was more valuable than the results from any inquiry. so at the end of it I got no solid results from this track but that hasn't discouraged me...

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  • last years logs show the concept

    starlord05/21/2019 at 04:07 0 comments

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    • how a open source space plane,space program benefits humanity

      04/06/2018 at 06:570 comments

      how does a open source space plane, space program benefit humanity well that's a question with a million answers I could write a 300 or 400 page book on just that one question of just the obvious answers and implications but I will try to keep it simple and sort of brief.for part of the hack prize requirements. I actually read some of the rules and fine print which is a rare thing for me what can I say I was bored. also I will try not to offend any one as per hack rules which im very good at I will fake it a bit.after all I have the distinction of having a book banned on kick starter and indigogo not one but three times each it was a dam how to book to. I will leave it at that. ok the benefits first and for most money hard cash sweet beautiful luscious money the dough what makes the world go around but maybe in not the same way your thinking about yell you can make money by hauling junk up to orbit be a delivery boy for nasa like elon musk and get some big tax payers bucks or take some filthy rich bastards for a joy ride and empty out there pockets yell but I am talking about real money im talking money on a interplanetary intergalactic scale type of wealth like own your personal private planet scale of wealth because the one blaring screaming fact about developing a space transport system a space economy is a space based economy has no limits no boundary's and the only rules are the ones that you make. on earth if a nation states economy is not in a continues state of growth it falters then goes into decline think the last recession that wasn't nothing compared to a full blown modern day great depression set off by a few greedy bastards with all the implications that will come with it the modern nuclear hyper corporate media hyper social media warring tribes race factions political ideological groups all at each others throat's society could very easily collapse in to a total war situation going at it from all directions heralding in the new dark ages. when we finely move out of the hood called earth in significant numbers these people will be fully self sufficient self reliant with the same no bullshit don't fu#$% with me attitude that our for fathers had when we landed in America and wiped out the Indians the point I am making for the benefits of a open source space program it gives everyone a chance whether even or not its the reset the reset for humanity of course the space corporations will have the upper hand and be there own government's unto there self surpassing the nation states on earth but I think they will go on making the same dumb ass mistakes as governments do now and all the people who buy in to there bull shit and there descendants will whined up being slaves of some type like everyone reading this now.                                                                 

    • 3 piece fuselage

      04/04/2018 at 06:240 comments
      heres iges of one piece fuselage design 04/04/2018 at 04:570 comments
      more pictures 04/02/2018 at 05:420 comments
      update on more materal 03/29/2018 at 06:500 comments

  • pryer logs from last year to show the progression of work

    starlord05/21/2019 at 04:02 0 comments

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    • still going at it

      09/10/2018 at 07:030 comments

      the project is still in the works I haven't given up im still working on refining my design and saving up for another test model and also exploring the concept of furthering this morphing wing system further with a combined morphing fuselage where you go from a stol type low altitude aircraft to a hypersonic wave riding fuselage to a reentry vehicle fuselage and back to stol configuration another holy grail on top of having a single stage to orbit space plane I believe this is the direction to go to further the project for a ship to brake orbit my currant published design concept is still very viable and does do some morphing l left out a front spoiler or trim device and details on control surfaces I still have to test going forward with more complex systems and components 3d printing and design will be even more extensive             

    • lets set this off

      04/29/2018 at 05:290 comments

      I been searching through all my hard drives flash drives and sd cards and digging out the goods looking for some of my best space plane works that are worth detailing further in the upcoming weeks and months I will be taking them and cleaning them up finishing them out adding more details and descriptions and explanations and testing some stuff out before I start building the next more detailed validation prototype realizing this is going to take some work im wanting to also hit this project from a few different angels as mentioned earlier with the advances in 3d printing I am going to use what I got so far and start from scratch on a 3d print friendly version from the ground up the advantages to this are many but the big one hear is builders can out source the ideal situation being to buy the harder to build components a piece at a time like a kit plane reducing a lot of fabrication time to assembly  so we I looking at this from a lot of different angles how can I fast track this project make it blast off to sort of speak im not getting any younger just getting fatter and I want to break gravity with some hot super models and get in the 369mile high club I got the hang glider harness and bungee chords ready to go alright lets cut the bs and get back to business im not the know it all I don't have all the answers someone out there mite but I doubt it if they do there keeping to there self so where's all the talent well for starters right hear on hackaday i.o looking at all the projects there's a bunch of out right genus's right here so if you look at my projects page I started a parallel space plane project for every body to join in chine in participate you can just go hog wild on it after all space is the new wild wild west so where else can we get some brain farts the aerospace industry otherwise known as the industrial military complex oh shit the star lords going over to the dark side traitor bastard now just hold on one second before you start getting your torches and rope hear me out the industrial military complex where talking about every aircraft aerospace company and all there supporting company's both world wide collectively and individually the bottom line is the hard truth that hardly anyone talks about all these corporations and all the people in them from the stock holders to the ceos to the guy mowing the grass the designers the sectary's the lunch lady are participating in a massive endeavor to kill other human beings alright that's harsh but at the rock bottom line that's the absolute truth this is a massive world wide undertaking where the end result ends up being the whole sale killing of human beings how stupid is that for whatever reason and usually the reason is bull shit these are the serious enablers but have to be considered just as responsible its like if someone robes...

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    some more dribbl

                                                                      the fun begins

    step by step on how to build the black raven Rutan class series of space planes. first off going down this long hard road is not something for the faint of hart the casual dabbler this type of project is most suited for someone's who built something like a kit airplane or a large ocean going sailboat or a couple of houses or restored a few cars or at least builds and fly's remote control aircraft not saying these are any kind of requirements or being some kind of rocket scientist I don't think there necessary but a solid will and fortitude would be a must when building experimental space craft with a empathies on experimental with a big X   at onetime I pondered going the crowed funding rout but for this type of project it didn't seem like the right thing to do there so many risks and variables involved just the amount of time alone and what could I offer as a reward for pledges a free ride to space right plus you get all types of crazy's screaming for instant satisfaction for there one dollar investment   .kickstarter and indigogo are full of rip-offs plus they censored my ass on a book project no  if im going to fleece anybody and raid there pocket's it needs to be the good old government any government  so I thought about doing the darpa rout good old darpa the wizard's of destruction the masters of mayhem but wait a second hold on one dam minute  there part of the reason we want to get the hell out of dodge in the first place are all these dam crazies going around killing each other and thinking up new and exciting ways to end the world in the name of national defense. hears one thought for darpa  the ultimate weapon to end all weapons if achieved there would be no more use for darpa what is it its not even a weapon at all its superluminal flight if they put all there resources in that one goal and came up with the goods we could have our own dam American planet or some dumb ass cammie world and the list of other fringe groups can go on and on from there to infinity . no I think I do better alone without a lot of outside distractions but im willing to collaborate and share ideals like right  hear . so im thinking what is the best way to get this spaceplane built so I thought you could start a club a space club so I started  pondering that ideal and the ramifications and came up with one of the deadliest scariest ideals yet so bad I had a essay written up on it or a manifesto depending on your sensibility's and destroyed it but for a group of brave souls wanting to conduct open source space operations you may want to hear some of the watered down version of ideals. first off my disclaimer im not starting any kind of dam club I don't want to be In any kind of dam club unless there's hot women and beer involved also don't send me any club money I will just spend it on carbon fiber and beer also my space club ideals are for off world use only also I am not internally trying to disparage any person or group as per hackaday io rules but the only way to try to convey some  of these ideals is to try and give a comparison or analogy between a space based system and what I would call fatal flaws or system failures in our government our society and in corporations.  so how to start off delicately carefully logically don't hurt anyone's feelings do you think our great president Donald trump gets his feeling hurt every day every hour he's human being to and who are these nay sayers what gives them the right where's there moral authority very few people in history have been attacked with such venom and vigor from all sides and every angle over partisan politics so in a space club the rude behavior that we see from our esteemed role models shouldn't be tolerated one bit in a offworld society where one bad apple could very easily kill every one and doom whatever endeavors underway so what ways can you safeguard not repeating the same cycle of tribal warfare on one level or another or at least within your immediate group. also when I say space club its a different type of club it would be considered a hybrid corporation and government more than a club so how can you have something that is open source where anyone can join ,buy in sign up participate and not have never ending warfare and anarchy. how can you keep a group of dedicated builders from being compromised by say the rich and powerful the moneyed up if you will or the out rite criminal element or a bunch of dead beat self entitled or a rouge faction trying to do a hostile takeover or takedown first at some point you need founding fathers or mothers a constitution or charter that has all the rules to play by in thinking about this I wanted one thing democracy no not our bullshit fake democracy not a delegated bought and payed  for democracy but a true real pure tec democracy here's a dangerous bad word pure crypto democracy. what is a crypto democracy a system of direct voting and governance using the same block chain technology as in bit coin but with accurse more checks and balances and validation methods . so you have a system of secure voting and governance noticed I said governance in this system the participants are in direct control of the system instead of say electing a crooked senator and hope that he or she does your bidding like that really happens of course you will still need some administrators but these will be more like hired hands able to be replaced in a moments notice if they don't fulfill exaptation's there contract or violate the charter or constitution unlike the said pompous ass senators who are put up on a pedestal as some kind of all knowing savvier  in a spaced based system the resources spent on what amounts to hundreds of to bit petty dictators cant be wasted. in space and offworld colonies decisions need to be made clear decisively and  on a timely bases. ok but what about the jokers trying to game the system you know that's going to happen its human nature you have to take that in account. ok I will try to tread lightly on this subject in the united states everyone's vote suppose to count suppose to be equal but is that really fair take for example letting felons vote in mass like recently in new York is that fair to honest citizens who contribute to society and does that degrade the system even more or for example new arrivals whether legal or not why should there vote count as much as say a person who's served there country most of there life is this really a fair system I think not its a generalized method that hopes for the best. but only achieves mediocre results under the best of circumstances in a pure crypto democracy im proposing a system similar to credit rating or Chinas social rating system but one that cant be gamed by commes. where someone's citizenship or voter points are determined by things like participation conduct productivity basically what you contribute to the club where birthright and money are not the automatic in. I could go  in to a lot more detail on this subject for quit a few more pages and seriously piss off a lot of people both lefty's and righty's but I will leave it here for now the main point hear is for people who want to get involved in a open source space plane project but don't want to go it alone can form some type of group and maybe work together collaborate share ideals and get the job done without being greedy evil bastards.                                                                                                                                         

  • 2 lets build

    so you decided to build a space plane either your going lone wolf or going to do a group effort you have to be realistic as far as your resources and money available the big ticket  item a jet engine what ever engine you end up with you build your bird around so research research . everything written here so far in my descriptions page updates and iges files are all just a basic descriptions and specification's and concepts before you start building airframes and sinking money you need more validation models and more sound engineering if I had a shit load of money I would be flying some more fine-tuned scale models and have a manned orbital space plane flying by now or probably be very dead by now. but that should not stop you from doing the parts scrounging and gathering up of raw materials in the up coming week and months I will be dusting off some more cad models doing some fine tuning and some more amateur engineering to where I can get to a point to start building my next validation prototype. something bigger than my silver raven helicopter drop test model or what's left of it and smaller than a lite plane with the folding wing pack. also note if you ever looked at some of my sketches of the large cargo carrying space planes those where designed to be 3d printed in space by a space station/3d printer with a built in gravity ring centrifuge these beasts where designed to be printed in space and drop heavy loads on mars or titan I called them martin wales they had a finer entry on there nose that reminded me of wales and where strait drop gliders I started thinking about that setup and going the 3d printing route back when the first 3d printer kits started selling but since then huge advances have been made in 3d printing when I was thinking space printers it was mostly for autonomous and robotic building purposes but now with advanced carbon fiber printers on line and other huge format printers printing high end materials and I know of two of but there could be many more start up company's wanting to print space structures one was doing tanks and possibly rockets and the other space habitats I want to start looking a little closer at adapting the black raven to be more 3d print friendly the outer fuselage sections and top aero cover and possibly center fuselage frames would be prime candidate's  plus a lot of other parts I already printed a few small scale parts i just need a big ass printer and better materials the ultimate outcome for this project will be a proven validated ship with sound engineering open source cad models and blue prints and alternative models and methods of construction it would be nice to be able to buy reasonably priced spaceship sections 3d printed and put together like a giant model  airplane kit.                  

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Alexander wrote 09/13/2019 at 22:51 point

This is a very neat idea, but if you want to be taken seriously, it would be worth using some punctuation in your writing! It makes it very difficult to read when it's all just one big block of text.

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