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A project log for HotOrNot Coffee Stirrer

A smart Beverage Stirrer to notify when it is safe to drink without getting singed.

DailyDIYDailyDIY 05/25/2019 at 05:152 Comments

Here is a time lapse of the prototype in action 

Finally, the first #test video for the #hotornot project. I grabbed a cup of tea and dipped the #sensor in the tea. In the #timelapse you will see the #LEDs blink in red(>60C) , yellow(between 60c and 55C) and green(below 55C). I got impatient and drank the #tea much after the yellow blinks. I removed the sensor, the temperature dropped, and the LED started to blink Green. Once the temperature went below 40C, the whole system automatically was shut down, waiting for the next press of a #button

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DailyDIY wrote 05/25/2019 at 10:50 point

That is a great idea. But imagine the number of times ( 2-3 times a day) a user is expected to use the device. Checking every x seconds is ideal when you want to report a metric regularly or poll, or have some level of autonomy, and may not be suitable for this use case. 

Here, the user can be expected to turn on the device by a button press when they are ready to test the beverage temperature. 

In the case the button gets pressed inadvertantly, the system checks how fast the temperature is rising. It is rising more than 1C/second, then it is time to put the system in active mode and start reporting via the LEDs. 

The system also sleeps between checks, thereby reducing power consumption still lower. 

My success criteria is one month or more of endurance on a 300Mah battery.  

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Gerben wrote 05/25/2019 at 10:39 point

Looks great.

Could you make it so it automatically turn on when it's like above 50 deg C? Having it check the temperature every, say, 60 seconds shouldn't have that big of an effect on the battey-life.

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