P.C.M. Mask

How To Hack Your Brain :). The main Idea is to control different led pattern with my pulse while listening to relaxing music.

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I'm a really stressed person. In the last few months, I realized, that some meditation music and sound frequencies can calm me down. But in a house full of "my family" it's difficult to switch off.
So I had the idea to build this Mask to isolate me a little bit from my environment. In the same time, color changing LED's will help me, to focused on the music. After this basic idea I thought, what if I try to control the LED's by my pulse, This could calm me down, if I try to slow down or change the colors with my pulse. I think my idea goes in the direction biohacking.

So let's build this thing and let’s find out if it will work.

For the main processor unit, I will use an Arduino pro micro or a nano. I will not use a Bluetooth module, so no radio frequencies on my face, instead a mini mp3 module in the mask with a micro SD card will play the music. I will build my own pulse sensor, probably with an LDR and a Led. Inside the Mask I use engraved acrylic, so no one looks straight in the LED’s. The whole thing will be surrounded by foam and tissue. At the end it should be a comfortable, nice easy to wear a mask.

  • 1 × Arduino pro micro 3V 8Mhz
  • 2 × RGB Led's
  • 2 × Red Led's
  • 4 × Bc337
  • 1 × DFPlayer Mini

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