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    1. Step 1: Types of Sensors Used for Weather Station

    The following is a list of measurement devices that are used in weather stations:

    The following is a list of measurement devices that are used in weather stations:

    1) NodeMCU (ESP12) main board

    2) Thermometer Dallas DS18B20 thermometer measures temperature. You can measure both the temperature indoors and outdoors, record highs and lows, show trend arrows to indicate temperature rising or falling, and even predict short-term future temperature ranges.

    3) Hygrometer (BME280)- A hygrometer measures relative humidity. Relative humidity is the quantity or percentage of water vapor (water in gas form) in the air. Humidity influences environmental factors and calculations like precipitation, fog, dew point and heat index.

    Barometer (BME280) – A barometer measures atmospheric pressure. A barometer can help to forecast upcoming weather based on the changes it measures in the atmospheric pressure.

    4) Davis 6410 anemometer measures how fast the wind is blowing, or wind speed. ESP8266 weather stations can display wind speed in MPH, KPH or knots, and record current, peak and average wind speed readings.

    Wind Vane – A wind vane, or weather vane, is an instrument that determines which direction the wind is blowing.

    5) Ventus W174 rain gauge measures rainfall or liquid precipitation

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    Step 2: Schematic and Wiring Diagram
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    Step 3: NodeMCU PCB Weather Station Shield

    Design printed circuit board (PCB), I was used ,,Sprint-Layout" software. Exported to Gerber files. PCB was made https://jlcpcb.com

    To create this NodeMCU ESP12 weather station shield you will need:

    1. NodeMcu Lua CH340G/CH340/ ESP8266 Wireless WIFI Internet Devolop Module Ebay
    2. Waterproof Digital Thermal Probe or Sensor DS18B20 Arduino Sensor Ebay
    3. JST-XH Kit 4Pin 2.54mm Terminal Housing PCB Header Wire Connectors Ebay
    4. Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Temperature Humidity Sensor Breakout BME280Ebay
    5. 2x 1K 0805 resistor
    6. 1x 120R 0805 resistor
    7. 2x 4.7K 0805 resistor
    8. 1x 10K 0805 resistor
    9. 1x RJ45 socket Ebay
    10. 1x 47uF electrolytic capacitor
    11. 1 x 40pin 2.54mm Female Single Row Breakaway Pin header Ebay