• Build up basic frames and other hardware

    KTD-prototype06/28/2019 at 17:56 0 comments

    I started assemble my robot.

    I manufactured servo brackets by 3D printer to arrange servos to frame. Previously mentioned, main parts of the frame are made by aluminum frame by Makeblock.com.

    Servos are connected by serial, or daisy chain. This servo, B3M-1170 by Kondo Kagaku Inc. has IDs manually assigned so that users can control a particular servo by identifying its ID while there are multiple servos.

    I purchased robot wheel, with TPU tread, 6 inch diameter. Maximum rotation speed of the servos are 46rpm, mean that maximum speed of the robot will be about  0.36 m/s ( 1.1 km/h approx.). Its quite reasonable to be used in my room since my wife is agile enough to run away from the robot rushing in to her. 

    I'm not sure is it fast enough to recover its posture when it crushed in to obstacles? But the servos are quite powerful, 4 Nm at rated torque, and have low inertia with core-less motor, so i'm not so pessimistic about this concern.

    Next time I'll mount my electronics to this platform.

  • Getting started - build up in my PC

    KTD-prototype06/23/2019 at 06:12 0 comments

    As a first step, I pick up available parts from my tool box; there are servos by Kondo-Kagaku Inc. , and several aluminum frames by Makeblock suitable for my project!

    I searched other parts such as wheels so that I can assemble basic platform for my robot, and reproduced them in 3D CAD. It is helpful to build up concrete image for  consideration of arrangements on electronics, sensors, batteries etc.

    Unfortunately there was no suitable servo brackets to arrange servos to the frame, so I designed by my own to manufacture them by 3D printers.

  • Introduction

    KTD-prototype06/23/2019 at 06:07 0 comments

    I started to build my own robot. Previously I experienced building remote controlled tank type robot (attached, it was shot before I mount electronics, though... )

    For next step, I get having idea to build my self balanced robot, since the tank robot was a little bit boring because it was too easy to operate, too easy to mount new payload.

    The tank was remote operated, but this step, I'll going to implement autonomous driving around my room !