Hassio server/ node

My attempt to bypass south africa's lack of affordable smart home components

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Here in south africa cost has still been an issue for all things smart home. Products havent quite taken off.

I started off this project just having a hassio server running with weather and internet speed tests running. From there i decided to connect our alarm systems and outdoor beams to hassio for monitoring and automation.

The nodes for monitoring had to be custom as i couldn't find anything that would work for my requirements so i decided on esp8266 as the controller for these nodes and a custom pcb.

The outdoor node for the beams were made to work, not to be pretty, whole pcb covered in silicone to protect from condensation and shorts. This outdoor pcb also acts as the alarm system for the beams as it worked out much cheaper than buying a system.

The indoor node for monitoring the house alarm and triggers was build in a din rail enclosure for neat and safe operation. Nothing too fancy on this node.

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