AVR AtMega328 Classic 70's Pong Game

Re create the classic pong game using the atmega 328 avr core

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The pong game is a classic game featured in the 70s era. I wanted to recreate it using an avr atmega328. something which nowadays knows and is common in most hobbyist shacks. the game uses the TV-OUT library and outputs a composite video signal which can be fed to any LCD TV. Two jumpers select if the output is PAL or NTSC. The second jumper selects if the game is in the old version which has the border or the new version which does not have a border.

The game features :
* The classic tennis in single and dual-mode
* Soccer
* Squash in single and double player mode.

The board design is simple. I used the analogue inputs for the paddles and the digital i/o for the selection of the game options.

As for the power supply I used a regular regulator with an input diode and PTC fuse for protection.

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