Glow Flow

Motion, sound, and light interactive LED sculpture powered by the Pixelblaze controller

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Glow Flow is an interactive light sculpture project that reacts to sound, light, and motion. The light comes from a single 5 meter strip of 300 individually addressable SK9822 LED modules. These are similar to APA102C or Adafruit DotStar. The strip is wound around a 3D-printed cylindrical chassis in a helix and controlled by a Pixelblaze LED controller making it easy to iterate through ideas for LED patterns. Physical data input courtesy of the sensor expansion board.

  • 1 × Pixelblaze controller
  • 1 × Pixelblaze sensor board
  • 1 × 5 meter strip of 300 SK9822 LEDs
  • 1 × 1kg plastic filament for 3D printing
  • 2 × 5V voltage regulator More than one if necessary to deliver total of over 6A

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