CNC FeatherWing

A Feather-compatible CNC control board, requires Pololu stepper motor drivers

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Inspired by the Arduino CNC Shield, offers similar functionality.

Requires a Feather-compatible board.

- 4 slots for Pololu stepper motor drivers, 3 axis + 1 clone axis (configurable via jumpers)
- Endstops for X/Y/Z with selectable active level (high or low)
- Pins for external buttons including emergency stop
- Pins for spindle and collant control
- Configurable microstep resolution via jumpers

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Andrey V ( wrote 6 days ago point

I'm interested, why you did it? Many implementations of this device now avalible on aliexpress. 

If you want to do good and useful thing add power mosfet (50Vds min) on board for PWM spindle speed control.  Don't forget to add diode in parallel with load because spindle BEMF can kill the mosfet. Also, you will need to add an optocoupler between MCU and mosfet.

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