The Nyan earrings were inspired by Nyan Cat the pop tart cat flying across the universe with a rainbow on its tail?

Refer to other NYANCAT earring projects Nyan Board and Nyancat Earrings also using ATTINY85 <3

This board is also using ATTINY85 but we are adding WS2812, will be powered by a rechargeable battery. 

Again, we are using inkscape, the svg2Shenzhen extension and KiCAD.

Inkscape screenshot depicting Solder Mask and EdgeCuts

KiCAD screenshot of a preliminary version of top.

Still working on the design, but here is a draft of the schematics. 

KiCAD schematics

The board size is limited by the battery size which is around 2.5mmx2.5mm, there's a palceholder on bottom. Since I wanted earrings I decided to make the rainbow shorter because I didn't want it to be too big, in the end the size of the board is 56.6mmx29.5mm.

Preliminary version of bottom view.

The idea is to place 3 WS2812 (5050) on bottom and hopefully light will be nicely diffused. 

Each PCB has 75Ohm resistor, so far I'm not sure resistors are required for each WS2812 (need to check specs).

We have a bunch of WS2812 rings, planning to test with a SMT protoboard and a digispark board.

In a different design, a pad was added to easily solder a pin.

We are planning to do the same here, and to use the earring hooks we'll just drill a small hole.

Next steps:

  • Make WS2812 pads larger! Easier to solder.
  • Check specs and test WS2812 on protoboard.
  • Add required components (more caps, more resistors?).
  • Update board and send gerbers!